List, documentation, nightly build


When i create new ionic app via CLI, then some examples is not working. At least this thing is not working:

It uses last ‘nightly’ build, but app is using beta.1, so it’s good to comment your examples at official site, because right now it’s annoying to reverse-engineering to understand that problem is not at your code, but at version of used framework. I understand that it’s not release yet, but documentation must be always be same as last official version (in your case your documentation is for future version, without any mention about it)

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Hey, thanks for your opinion!

As far as things not work, would you mind elaborating on that? We’re here in there forums to provide as much help as possible so if there’s any issues, this is the best place for support.

For the documentation, it seems like the link that you have is an old link. For proper documentation, the link is this.

Right now, our docs are being automatically generated as the devs write the code, so as new features are added, they automatically get updated when they make a commit.

And also note that if you are using the nightlies, theres a select in the header to choose the nightly docs version.