List back-button pb

Hi all !

I have a little problem, I just can’t find where is the problem, and can’t fix it. Hope you will be able to help me.

I have a list of objects in my view. (collection-repeat)

As anonymous user, I can click on a list element and then go the object page => I have a back button on the header to go back to the list view

On the list view, I connect the user, if I click on a element, I go to the object page, but I don’t have the back button. this is the problem.
Now if I go an a third page, and I come back on the list view, everything works fine, and I have the back button if I go on a objet page.

Tried many things : ngrepeat instead of object-collection, clearHistory and cache…

Any idea ?

List view (app.home):

    <ion-refresher pulling-text="Refresh ?" on-refresh="doRefresh('new')">

    <div collection-repeat="obj in objs.objs | orderBy:'createdAt':true">
        <ad-tease data="obj"></ad-tease>

    <div ng-if="objs.objs.length === 0" class="item">



adTease Dir:

<a class="item item-thumbnail-left" href="#/app/obj/{{}}">
    <img ng-src="{{data.attributes.pic1_80._url || 'img/picture.png'}}">
    <p>{{data.attributes.desc}} €</p>

login function : (use

Parse.User.logIn($scope.loginData.username, $scope.loginData.password)
.then(function (result) {

Solved. Due to a custom directive.