Link from a popover in a tab based app


I have a tab based app and would like to use a popover in the nav-bar to give the user the opportunity to open a language settings page. The popup renders fine. However nothing happens when I click/touch on the link in the popup.

I have done following:

  • implemented AppCtrl to show the popover
  • defined View
  • defined State
  • implemented language and popover page.

Please have a look into the Codepen. Why does the language page not render?


You are creating the popover but you dont show it. You have to call


Well the popover shows up. But clicking the link in the popover doesn’t work.


The problem seems to be the definition of the view for the target from the popover. I had the definition in the tabs.html as I would like to have the tab icons even when I’m in the settings page.