Like to know if this is achievable or not before investing time on learning it

Am backend developer and building a personal project where i will provide video ads from the backend and
the users can click on it from mobile application and watch it.
once the video is done , the user will be credited some virtual currency.

  1. this will be a portrait only app, upon clicking the video will be shown full screen - landscape mode without any controls
    ( except cancel if they got stuck loading )
  2. once completed, user will be rewarded.
  3. so there should be some event catcher to monitor the video state,making it fullscreen,playing without controls,providing over the top cancel button etc.

this is just rough idea just to let know what am aiming at,
am thinking of doing it with either ionic or react-native after learning.
I have nothing complex in the app other then this so not going for native(android/swift) route.
Can anyone experienced with ionic/react native, let me know if its possible or not?