Lighthouse fails to run and shows a 404 in fresh app creation

Hello, I just set up a fresh app (the ionic tabs starter to be specific) and was trying to measure it’s PWA compatibility. When trying to run Lighthouse from a deployed build of the app, I get back a 404 page where everything errors out. The only way I can find to get out of this state is to remove “/tab1” from the URL which seems to trigger the re-entry point of the app and reloads “/tab1” as the URL with content displaying successfully. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t let me use Lighthouse to measure my app’s PWA compatibility.

Has anyone seen this behavior before when using Lighthouse?

What does the URL you are testing with lighthouse look like? And how are you passing the URL to lighthouse?

Haven’t seen this before, since most time I just open lighthouse right from devtools, it just uses the URL from the page I navigate to.

Not related to the topic… Lighthouse will not tell you “PWA compatibility”, as PWAs are just web apps. But it will tell you certain features are not implemented, like Service Workers, app manifest, etc. Most of which we cover here in the docs.