Letting a client make daily updates

So me and a friend got hired to make an app for a local family restaurant. This is my first time making an app but I have a fair amount of experience with web design so I feel that ionic is a good fit for me. The owner of the restaurant wants to be able to update the specials page daily and I am wondering what the best way to do that is.
My apologies if this is posted in the wrong section.

That shouldn’t be an issue. It all depends on how you design the project. It would more than likely be better for you to write a separate process to update the information that shows up in your app from the back-end via a Web Service call. For Example: If you create a page that pulls content that is rendered from a database call (via a web service call), you can either have a separate app (can be a mobile app as well) to enter/update data in the database. This allows for dynamic content that can be managed separate from the base application.

I was thinking something similar to this but wasn’t sure it would work. Like I said I’m new to app design and am not sure of the differences between this and just basic web design. I am currently going to school for game design scripting. We just took the job for some start up money to get the rest of the software we need.

check out Firebase, it’s super easy to setup and could be free depending on your usage. You could store the specials in the Real Time database. Your restaurant app would get the specials from the db. Your client could manage the specials from a number of places, depending on what suits them e.g. the same app, another app or a website