Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates for Android versions prior to v.7.1.1


I have an Angular Ionic App that makes HTTPS calls to an API.

I have just read this article:
Article -> https://letsencrypt.org/2020/11/06/own-two-feet.html

It states that all websites using Letsencrypt SSL Certificates will become incompatible with most software running on Android versions prior to v.7.1.1.

My hosting provider just sent us a warning by email and we need to take action.

My question: Does this affect all our Cordova Ionic(Angular) apps or we are safe?
Is it only for the Android built-in web browser?

Thank you!

I would expect it to affect Ionic apps as well.

Oh no… Then this is a major problem :grimacing:
A lot of us are using Letsencrypt
People need to know!

I’m one of those people using LetsEncrypt. I’m not overly concerned, though, because already there are not very many devices that old out in the field today, and that number is only going to go down over the next year.

Well, according to their stats, 33.8% are running Android < v.7.1.1
I will need to take action, I just cannot ignore this.

Thank for the reply @rapropos