LESS instead of SASS


Please use LESS instead of SASS for CSS source files:
SASS requires Ruby to be installed for compiling. LESS just requires nodeJS, and LESS plugins are available for a lot of tools.


I’ve used both Sass and Less and honestly I think Sass has its advantages over Less. There are a couple of articles that are pretty good at pointing out differences and why a project would choose one over the other. This one on CSS Tricks and this one on Hongkiat. Both languages have good features, so it all depends on what you need for the project at hand. In this case, Sass was a good fit for what the Ionic guys need to do.

But if you’re that passionate about Less, you could always fork the project and convert things over.


I don’t really have any preferences of one over the other, it’s just that if you want to change something in the sources and recompile, you need to have Ruby installed.


Just curious though how does that make a difference? As far as I know, most systems have ruby already install. I don’t see what the issue is with having ruby install?


I just have nodeJS, JDK, and ANT.


Are you on a Mac or Windows?


@home ubuntu, @work win


Ah now I understand. I use mac and ruby comes preinstalled. There are ways you can install ruby on both Ubuntu and Windows if you need to…but if Node.js is what you have, try converting to Less on your own and the submit it. I’m sure your not the only one in this situation and some people perfer Less over Sass.


I know, thanks anyways.


What is the problem to install ruby on ubuntu? Node must installed, too.


You don’t need ruby anymore, we use node-sass now (just switched over a couple days ago). https://github.com/andrew/node-sass


awsome !! thanks for the tip. I had tried this one https://www.npmjs.org/package/sass but didn’t work (at least without ruby):


I’d still greatly prefer the option to choose between SASS and LESS. Not because one is better than the other (they’re fairly equal in popularity and rough feature sets), but rather because all of my existing projects use LESS and currently using ionic requires a painful LESS to SASS transition of all my old code which imho goes against one of the fundamental advantages of using ionic in the first place given that I want to leverage the same codebase in multiple places.

+1 for an option to choose between SASS and LESS independent of the node-sass/ruby thing.


+1 for an option to choose between SASS and LESS independent of the node-sass/ruby thing.


+1 LESS please, we have SCSS in “legacy mode” now.

There are a handful of sass to less conversion tools available:


@ilo Why do you give this a shot on your own. I’m sure we’re sticking with SCSS for now, so this could be a nice chance for you to port over ionic and use less instead


Google Trends


@ilo you forgot to include SCSS. Seem pretty equal to me now. Anyways, if we’re going by the trends, I think you should drop JS and adopt PHP instead. Just sayin’ like you were.


Those search stats can be really misleading if you ask me. I mean look at this one

And I only know a handful of people who really know stylus.

As far as language style, we chose scss because it was what the devs were more comfortable using. If someone wants to use less, then you can always start a repo and convert the scss to less. I’ve even started my own repo for stylus.


I’m pretty sure that more people use a stylus than scss.