Leptop chrom ionic view is different from phone chrom ionic view

hi, i have a gird of letters in my ionic project , i am using 2 languages in my project : english and hebrew
if all the lettes are in the same languages i have no problem at all .
but if even on of the letters are different from the others i have promblem in my phone chrome ionic view
( i am runing ionice serve in my leptop and connect to the page with the ip addres in my phone )
i want the app look in the phone like it look in the leptop chrome
my someon can help pls ?
i am add here 2 photos , 1 of the leptop ionic look and one of the phone look

this is my html code:
div *ngFor="let item of Listleteers;
p class=โ€œbusinessGridโ€>{{item}}/p

my css code :
padding: 2%;
margin-bottom: -1%;

my ts code :
export class HomePage {

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public alertCtrl: AlertController) {

this.Listleteers= [โ€œืโ€,โ€œbโ€,โ€œcโ€,โ€œdโ€,โ€œeโ€,โ€œfโ€];

i am finally solve this problem, the cause of the problem was the the text size in leptop chrome and android chrome is different , all i had to do is adding height: 17px in my css file ( or any other size ) and itโ€™s solved the problem

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