Left menu scroll y not working on Android / keyboard floats over inputtext


I have an left menu with a list and list item has a search input textbox. On iOS when I tap the textbox, the left menu content scrolls up and the keyboard appears under the content. On Android when I tap the textbox, the content does not scroll, and the keyboard overlaps the textbox, so you cannot see the textbox anymore.

Can somebody suggest me how to fix this?

        <ion-content class="has-header">
            <div class="list">
                <a menu-close static-link-item class="item first-item" ui-sref-active="active" ng-click="slideTo(0)">
                    Menu 1
                <a menu-close static-link-item class="item" ng-click="slideTo(1)">
                    Menu 2
                <a menu-close static-link-item class="item" ng-click="slideTo(2)">
                    Menu 3
               <a menu-close static-link-item class="item" ng-click="slideTo(3)">
                    Menu 4
               <a menu-close static-link-item class="item" ng-click="slideTo(4)">
                    Menu 5
               <a menu-close static-link-item class="item" ng-click="slideTo(5)">
                    Menu 6
                <div class='search-balk'>
                    <div class='row padding-top'>
                        <div class='col'>
                    <div class='row padding-bottom row-input'>
                        <div class='col-80'>
                            <input type="text" name="searchstring" ng-model="frm.searchstring" placeholder="search" class='searchinput'/>
                        <div class='col-20 text-center'>
                            <a class='fa fa-angle-double-right arrow' menu-close static-link-item ng-click="searchArticles()"></a>


Yeah got it working

added the cordova keyboard