Leaflet locate callback: fired multiple times

Hi All,

we are experiencing issues with events fired multiple times, e.g. for “locationerror” with leaflet.js

In the first instance, the event is fired once, as expected.
However, afterwards number of fired events is increased by 1 each time.

In below example, it means that on the first time it can’t get the position, event “locationerror” is fired once. On the second time it is fired twice, on the third time it is fired three times, and so on.

Any hints what could cause the event to be fired multiple times?

import * as Leaflet from 'leaflet';
public map: Leaflet.Map;
// later in function:
    this.map.locate({setView:true,watch:true}).on("locationfound", (e: any)=> {
       /* deal with new position */     
    }).on("locationerror", (error:any) =>
    {/* error handling */ }