LaunchNavigator - get selected app name


I know that this question does not concern Ionic 2 generally but hope to find some expertise support here.
I just started to play with Launch Navigator plugin and one of ideas for my app was to use the same app for navigation every time after first selection.
So, what I want is to get name of launched app to store it somewhere and use later.
I can get this information from from debug logs but I haven’t found solution in api docs yet. Any ideas?


The appSelectionCallback option will give you the name of the app chosen by the user:

{function} appSelectionCallback - a callback to invoke when the user selects an app in the native picker. A single string argument is passed which is the app what was selected defined as a launchnavigator.APP constant.

launchnavigator.navigate(destination, {
  appSelectionCallback: function(app){
    console.log("The user selected: "+app);