Launching google maps app with comgooglemaps

How do I launch the google maps app in Ionic? In a browser I can use the code:


and put in the query parameters that I want. Unfortunately it isn’t working on an iPhone. I found that phonegap has a “whitelist” so they block by default, but do I need to do anything to make it work in Ionic?

I have been following:

I’d love to know this as well. Have you figured out how to make this work?

Sorry, I never did! We ended up launching our app without it.

Have you tried putting this in your config.xml :

<access origin="comgooglemaps://*" />

I don’t know if that will work though. That is the whitelist for Xcode.

Hi I make it work by adding this line to .config in my app.js


In my case it worked by adding the following line to the config.xml file:

<access origin="comgooglemaps://*" launch-external="yes"/>

And launch the Google Maps app for iOS by next link in the controller:

$"comgooglemaps://center=...&zoom=17", '_system', 'location=yes');