Launch navigator with close button from my app ionic

i am trying to launch navigator with close button to direct close not step by step back. this is my code.
Kindly help we are stuck in last three days and am not found anything here

 let options: LaunchNavigatorOptions = {
      start: [, this.lng]
this.launchNavigator.navigate([this.currentStop['StopLatitude'], this.currentStop['StopLongitude']], options)
       success => alert('Launched navigator'),
       error => alert('Error launching navigator: ' + error)

thanks in advance

What does

refer to? Is this.launchNavigator something from Ionic Native?

If you mean by this that you are trying to add a close button to the navigation app launched by the LaunchNavigator plugin, then this is not possible: the plugin launches another app, so has no control over the user interface or behaviour of the app that was launched.