Launch external links with sidemenu enabled

I am new to ionic/angularjs , I am developing an application in which I am integrating with a salesforce backend. I am launching a visualforce page (external link) , but I want to show the sidemenu of the application when I launch external link . Please suggest me how can I achieve this .

How do you want to show it - permanently on the same screen? Or do you want the Salesforce page in a “container” that is set under a header from which you can open the sidemenu?

I want the salesforce page in a container that is set under a header through which I can open sidemenu , If you share some example that would be really helpful.

I don’t have any examples, but one option could be to just include an iFrame in the content area of the page that loads a URL that is changed depending on which page/state the user is on. But this depends heavily on how good Salesforce is in rendering a mobile page…

I tried using iFrame , but it seems salesforce page cannot be loaded using iFrame I am getting the below error
Refused to display ‘’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘DENY’.

Yep, then they don’t like that and try to disable it. X-Frame-Options can be a b**ch.

See if you can change this option in Salesforce (ask their support) or build a little “request proxy” on your server (using node or PHP) that requests the Salesforce content, strips these headers/options and just outputs it back (Be aware that this can get complicated fast, with images and other JS code being loaded where they could have other checks).

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I ll try that , referring to your first comment “permanently on the same screen?” how could I do this ?

[quote=“pradeepnr, post:7, topic:37827”]
“permanently on the same screen?” how could I do this ?
[/quote]This would be no usecase of Ionic, but Cordova directly - and then modify it so it doesn’t load it index.html but the external file (by changing the native code parts of Cordova).