Large Data view

I have data around more than 6MB. On Web browser, the scrolling is slow. I am using collection-repeat. Any hint will be helpful.

I was disabling the tap on the row, so when i try to scroll on the web mode, the scrolling was not working. The reason was on row tap was disabled

<ion-item  data-tap-disabled="true" class ="item item-text-wrap" style="line-height:1.4em; padding: 15px 5px 15px 35px;"  ng-bind-html="renderHtml(word[key])"  ></ion-item>

So is there still an issue?

its Done. I have 1000 records, I am using 26 different avatars, using menu, and collection-repeat. All good. Though, in the next stage, I want to check around 2500-5000 records. One thing, which is notable, when I scroll, the list item animation runs a bit slow.

Have you checked out collection repeat?