Lag When Using Android Back Button

I have an extremely frustrating issue that’s preventing the release of my application built with ionic 1

When I’m testing the app on any Android Device, I experience a 1-5 second lag between selecting the device’s back button and when the transition takes place.

This happens when I navigate to a new page within a tab, scroll downwards, then select the back button. I’m utilizing Ionic Native Transitions and it appears this may a contributing factor to the lag

  • The back button on the app itself works just fine with no lag.

  • If I navigate to the new page and don’t scroll, the device back button works fine

  • I’m not displaying a lot of data at one time. This lag occurs even with a single image displayed

I hooked into every single $state change and $ionView change watcher, but none of them get called on time when the hardware button is selected. Monitoring the performance of the app in Chrome tells me nothing. It’s like the app just Freezes for no apparent reason.

Please help!

Linked stack overflow post

Turns out that enabling JS Scrolling where I have a fair amount of content fixes my issue. By default I leave it disabled on Android, and utilize overflow-scroll=“true” on views where it’s needed.

Note this issue does not occur when using collection-repeat