Labels and tooltips with 2 datasets


I have 2 datasets just for making the chart “split” into 2 sides. Labels are: a,b,c,d,e
Left side with 2 bars (a,b) linked to the left y axis.
Right side with 3 bars (c,d,e) linked to the right y axis.
The data therefore is something like this.
left side: 100,200,0,0,0
right side: 0,0,1000,2000,3000

This is working great except for the fact that the labels are a bit off because the chart “thinks” it should show 2 bars per label a,b,c,d,e when in fact there is only one bar per label.

Also, when hovering the bars, it shows a->100 (ok for the real bar) and a->0 (not ok, for the “dummy” bar). The same happens for all labels.

Please advice