Keyboard sliding up when action sheet click goes through the sheet into the footer input box behind


odd bug that I hope someone can help me fix

I have an input box in the footer of the page
And I trigger an action sheet

I click cancel on the action sheet (which is on top of the footer at this point).

Triggers the keyboard as if I selected the footer input box behind the action sheet.
The input box however does not have focus

The only way to dismiss the keyboard is to click into the textbox to give it focus and to click out.


Can you put this together in a codepen?


Oh it looks like it was fixed in the latest release, there is already a bug logged for it. bug: Clicking ionicActionSheet clicks textarea behind it #2204

I’ll try upgrading to the latest ionic. What’s the easiest way to upgrade? Just replace the ionic js files?


If you’re project is made from our CLI, you can just run ionic lib update
But yeah, you’d have to replace the js file and css files