Keyboard retraction breaks Google Maps?


I’m facing an interesting bug: The keyboard, when shown and then retracted on a certain page, turns blank a map in another page. If the keyboard is not retracted the bug does not happen.

The pages are:

  • Search, which keeps an ion-list with car names. On top of it there is an input for searching a car by name.
  • Tracking, which shows a map with markers for each car listed on the Search page.

Only the following steps turns the map blank:

  1. Enter the search page;
  2. Click on input. (writing a search term doesn’t affect);
  3. Click back button to hide keyboard;
  4. Select a car in the list.
  5. … And the map is blank.

If I reenter the search page and click on another car with the keyboard up the map if fixed again.

I’ll show some printscreens below:

Search page:

Blank/Broken map:

How map should be:

May someone help me to solve this bug?
Thanks in advance!

Keyboard breaks google maps on android

I have the same issue, did you fix this?


Hi @Vitorcmaia did this happen on a samsung device for you? how did you solve the issue? we are facing the same and its really strange doesnt happen on other manufacturer phones.


Hello @atid and @Digitalfractal_souha,

I managed to solve it with google.maps.event.trigger(map, "resize");