--keyboard-offset bind to the ion-content styling breaks layout

Hi there! Every time I click on a radio button on my page, I see a new style added to ion-content, like that:
<ion-content _ngcontent-hwh-c152="" ng-reflect-scroll-y="true" class="ios overscroll hydrated" style="--offset-top:0px; --offset-bottom:0px; --keyboard-offset:290px;">

Notice that --keyboard-offset:290px.
Then, every time I click at any place on my page, that value disappears,as if change detection gets triggered, and becomes --keyboard-offset:0px.

That new value breaks my layout, and I wonder if there a way to make Ionic stop adding it. Thank you!

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So do I. Whenever I click on a radio/checkbox (in my case), then ‘focusin’ events happens. This is what I doing to work around:

    <div (focusin)="focusin($event)">
             <input type="radio />

    focusin(evt) {