Keyboard key for scrolling on browser



Does anyone know how to scroll down or up, using the keyboard key up and down on a web browser?

Many thanks in advance.


done this with jquery before…you can use key up function and keycode to detect which key the user pressed…if you are going to only launch your ionic app on pc i think jquery performance is not a issue


I plan to use it as a webapp on a server, like this people will connect on their pc but on their smartphone too.
It won’t be an issue to use jquery in that case? (for performance mainly)
I tought Ionic team has already a solution for this keyboard issue. If they don’t, it won 't be a problem anyway. Thanks you. vendredi, 25 novembre 2016, 02:49AM +01:00 de Chanyap92 <> :


i think you can use plain javascript to detect key press too…ionic2 shouldnt have the function by default because i dont think mobile keyboard have arrow key…


The thing is: the keyboard arrow up and down are implemented for scrolling by default on every website on a pc. All except ionic (1 and 2)
vendredi, 25 novembre 2016, 07:23AM +01:00 de Chanyap92 <> :