Keyboard distorts View

Im working with Ionic 4 application. I have a form in my application. When I open keyboard, it shifts view upward, and view is distorted. I want is, onKeyboardOpen() the view should scroll and the selected input should have focus. Any kind of help is appreciated. Thank you😊.! Find Screenshot_20200730-003510|281x500

Hmmm, so not a lot to go off of from that. Can you share a sample? Or provide a demo app and push it to github


Thank you for responding to the query.

Please find below link to github repo.
Also, refer the issues tab in the repo for details and demo.

Hope this helps. Thank you once again…!

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 4.01.04 PM

So the issue is less about the keyboard… and more your custom UI that you’ve built. Really you shouldn’t be rebuilding components that Ionic provides. Your components are:

  1. Go against platform guidelines
  2. Are not correctly built to handle different layouts. I just resized the browser screen and the app was distorted.

I really don’t have a solution that isn’t replacing your custom built components with Ionic’s components and following our layout guide