Keyboard becomes slow when typing

Hi there,

I have been having issues with typing into textarea on android, The keyboard becomes slow when typing. I don’t seem to know why that happening as I am not running any code on each keyPress/Input.

Below is my html code for the textarea

  <ion-grid class="input-wrap">
      <ion-col col-10>
        <ion-list no-lines>
            <ion-textarea #chatInput placeholder="Type a message" (keyup.enter)="sendMessage(chatInput)" [(ngModel)]="messageField"></ion-textarea>
      <ion-col col-2>
        <button [disabled]="messageField == ''" ion-button clear icon-only item-right (click)="sendMessage(chatInput)">
          <ion-icon  name="ios-send" ios="ios-send" md="md-send"></ion-icon>

Any idea about solving this will be appreciated.


After so much experiment I realize the keyboard only lags on pages with long chat list I had to limit the number of chat showing at once, If you have a better approach Kindly let me know please.

I am also having similar problem when using ion-textarea.
My problem occurs when I have added picture (base64) in the same page.

@zeta @sam89
did you find out any solution to this?