Keyboard attach and a subheader does not play nicely

The problem is simple, in iOS, if I create an app with a header, a subheader, and a footer, then the footer is pushed off screen. Fixing this is simple though, it simple requires me to add some css to set the bottom attribute of the footer to 43px.

Now, I add a footer and use the keyboard-attach directive. When the keyboard appears, the footer disappears. I know what causes the issue, but I’m unsure about the best approach to fix it.

The cause: when the keyboard is opened, the keyboard-attach directive sets ion-footer-bar bottom to equal the keyboard height. Since the subheader is pushing the content down 43px, the keyboard-assist directive is moving the footer up 43px too few. If I edit the source of ionic (for a test) to use keyboardHeight + 43, the issue is fixed.

Obviously editing the source is not the correct fix, but what is? I attached a codepen if wanted, but the issue doesn’t happen unless the keyboard appears.