Keep page opened inside tab

I’m using Ionic 4 with Angular 8 and I have a tab component with 3 pages.

My app has an extra page (page4) which can be opened from any of these 3 pages/tabs.

If I want to open it I do this.navCtrl.navigateForward('/page4'); and it opens without tabs. If I want the tabs (which is what I need) I move the route from app-routing.module.ts to tabs-routing.module.ts and I do something like this instead:

The problem with this is that I loose the control of the tabs and if I click on the same tab I was I move back.

What I need is that I move from pageX/tabX to page4 and I’d like to keep on the tab X. So if I navigate to other tab I don’t loose the page4 on the tab I was. Pretty much like Instagram does