Just tried the Ionic View iOS app


Will there be an Android version?

Glad to hear you like it.
No ETA yet on Android yet, thats a whole different beast to deal with.

I also tried it today. It’s a good starting point to have an idea of the result on the iPad or the iPhone when you don’t have a Mac (…) to build the app. However, I think (hope) that the Ionic View has some problems when rendering apps, such as my ion-header-bar which appear beneath the iOS status bar (career, signal, time…) :o)

There was an update pushed recently that should fix that. Check you app updates.

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Thank you @mhartington but I think I downloaded the latest version (downloaded yesterday 5pm), anyway I’ll check Monday’ morning.

Yea the app is great and let me pros pone the moment of buying a mac just a bit more. Am wondering however if it is possible to view the console logs somewhere? And what the ETA is for plugins as geolocation, social sharing and contacts.

No specific ETA yet, but you can request new plugins here


I confirm that my header (more precisely my application logo) is still beneath the iOS clock. I think it’s due to the position: absolute; top: 0; properties…


  • Ionic View v1.0.4
  • iPad MD513NF/A
  • iOS 8.1.2

(I can PM you the Ionic app ID if you want to try)