jQuery graph performance


I am using jqPlot library for showing some graphs in mobile application.

The thing is that animation is not smooth (3 second animation for example) although it is smooth on the PC web browser.
Is there some trick how to increase the performance of Ionic 2 app?

I tried with crosswalk plugin but it throws me a memory error or something like that. So it is not possible to finish some of my pre-tasks that are needed for graph.
Is there some solution that I missed?


The animation issues are not really related to ionic, but to the jquery plugin.

You’re probably better off using another graphing library and not using jquery at all.

Chartjs, C3, D3, all of these are better options than a jQuery plugin.

That’s a good idea! I will try ChartJs which looks pretty strong and will give you a feedback once I finish it!


EDIT: ChartJS was the key to go! :slight_smile:

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