Job interview

I’ve had some experience programming with ionic for a couple of years now.
Although I’ve done applications and learned pretty well how to use ionic with angular, I’m not an absolute expert.
I’m being interviewed online for a possible job.
I’m very nervous and I’m afraid of doing it wrong
Could someone give me some tips to get through the interview or share with me a link to some documentation I could study to be more prepared?
Thank you.

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Hello @gina!
Welcome to the community!
I am not sure, if the Forum is for this. But let’s go…
Don’t be afraid. I suggest you to talk about the projects that you worked on. What you have learned on those projects and the features you have developed on it. Talk about the challenges do you overcame and how you did to succeed. Tell about the most important project do you have participated and what was you collaboration to it. Show how do you face the problems and solve them, which solutions do you implemented for each one. So relax! Act natural, focus and speak slowly.
I hope it helps you to get this opportunity.