Jerky scroll and odd press/click event behavior - tried many things


I am working on a small RSS reader ( - ionic legacy app code 365fdabe).

The reader does a large number of consecutive http requests leading to a list of 1000 items to be displayed in a list.

I have tried many ways to display the list and am experiencing two key performance issues:

  • scrolling is jerky and/or very slow
  • with >150 items in the list, the click event is handled as a press + click
  • when the items are deleted, the view is only updated when I am scrolling again (virtualtrackby?)

I tried virtual scroll (with different bufferratios), regular list, and pagination (limiting the array to display). I have also built a debouncer for the click-press issue, but that also does not always work right.

Performance issues arise in ionic view legacy and a bit less in ionic view pro (iPhone 5S). Similar experiences in android build.

Maybe there is someone who would like to look at the app/code and give some comments on how to (re)code. I also checked the github issues and there are many issues around virtualscroll, but not all related to the behavior I see.

Some guide on the code and app:

  • homepage contains the list
  • when you launch the app, use the rss icon to open the feedselector, select some tags and use the button on the bottom to select all feeds. Then select save and push the refresh icon. Loading may take a while

All help is appreciated!