Jagged scroll and swipe animations


here is a sample app that I’ve created, with a simple list: https://github.com/patrioticcow/ionc_test

the problem is scrolling through the cards list or even swiping to expose the left menu has a jagged animation

I’m using app.phonegap.com to test the app on a nexus 5.

testing in chrome, the app looks ok, but in app.phonegap.com or even when i created an apk the problem occurs.

i also tried to have only 4 items (cards) and the scroll is the same

i tested with v1.0.0-beta.13 “lanthanum-leopard” · 2014-09-24, but this sample contains the nightly 2014-12-04

any ideas how to solve this issue?


it looks like v1.0.0-beta.14 fixed my issue.

there is still a bit of a lag, but there is definitely great improvement