ItemReorder not working with filtered array returned from a function

I got a problem, that native ionic ItemReorder is not working while I use list of items returned from a function returning filtered array.

Here is an example of html

<ion-list reorder="true" (ionItemReorder)="reorderData($event)">
      <ion-item *ngFor="let item of getItems()">

Where getItems() returns filtered array:

    return this.items.filter(item => !item.archived && !item.asap);
} // Not working reorder

And function for reordering looks like this:

  reorderData(indexes) {
    let element = this.items[indexes.from];
    this.items.splice(indexes.from, 1);
    this.items.splice(, 0, element);

Any idea why ItemReorder is not working? Maybe it’s a bug?
Thank you for any advice.

EDIT: Without filter it’s working. So the problem is with the filter.

    return this.items;
} // Reorder works

EDIT2: I was debugging Reordering and the problem is, that reorder muddle indexes… It returns indexes based on array so if I have 8 items in the array, then it returns from 0 to 7. I have 2 items on my page because of filtered array. Reorder muddle indexes and thinks that first item on my page got 0 index but it actually got index 2 because It’s third item in the array.