It is possible to Build application for IOS with Android plugins?

Hi, im developing an app for Android and IOS, im using Cordova-plugin-android-permissions to get phone’s UID, i read that for IOS i can get it using device object from codova
( device.uuid) and no permissions are needed, when i build IOS app an error apears:
Installing “cordova.plugin-android-permissions” for ios
[ERROR] An error occurred while running subprocess cordova.

should i generate another project for ios without android plugins? or
is there any way to exclude plugins in build process?


This is possible and you definitely don’t have to create a new Project! Normally a Plugin describes for which Platform they work in their plugin.xml. The Plugin you mentioned added a dummy wrapper for ios to not fail if called on ios i think but i think this is the wrong way, as you should detect the platform in your app.

But i don’t think this causes the error. If you remove this plugin, you can build the app? If so, maybe try this Plugin for Permission related stuff:

yes if i remove the plugin it works on IOS, i used this plugin for get UUID from Device, but now i change to “cordova-plugin-uid” which doesn’t ask for permissions.

I didn’t try modify plugin.xml file because it works well with this plugin, but i will do if it is necesary.
Thank you.