Issues with $ionicNavBarDelegate.title


Since the last beta there are some issues.
We deactivated caching as we use highly dynamic data.

And we partially use views in modal windows and as full states.
This means, we cannot use ion-nav-title as it is not allowed to be used in modals. (raises exceptions)
And when we try to use the $ionicNavBarDelegate.title method it randomly sets the active or the cached title. with no specific reason.
Is there a possibilty to deactivate chached titles at all?


I’m also having some problems with cached elements.

I believe you’re facing the same issue;

$ionicConfigProvider.views.maxCache(0); doesn’t disable cache for all elements

nav-bar-block is still being cached

In my case I use a dynamic title - like: <ion-view view-title="{{foo}}"> - that depends on a XHR to fetch some data about the page

Following the stack call down to function getEle(className) I was able to see that the title element is being retrieved from the eleCache object - this being the last view’s title, not the current view’s title

The situation thus being :

  • current view title is “”
  • cached title from the cached (last) view is set with the title supposed to be set on the active view

Right now I’m using this workaround in the controller:

$scope.$on("$ionicView.afterEnter", function(){
    $timeout(function() {

But this is not optimal since it shows an empty title before afterEnter kicks in