Issues with Ionic Camera / Geolocation / local-session storage

Hi all,
I am new to using Ionic and have nearly finished creating my first app.
I have came across a few issues that I can not get my head around and can not solve.My app is basic with 4 html pages, 1 index page, 1 for camera, 1 for location and 1 simple converter,

When I run the app through “Ionic serve” everything works including location, session and local storage, bar the camera (as expected as I use a laptop) however

Issues :

1)When I use “ionic run android” and send the app to my device ,only the camera works, geolocation fails, and my converter does not display any local storage or session storage values(this is how I display the answers , works fine through Ionic serve).

  1. When I run my app using "ionic upload " via the Ionic View app the location works fine,session and local values still don’t show and the camera now fails to work.

I would appreciate any help as I have spent endless late nights trying to solve this and I have a due date for this project approaching very soon.
Thanks in advance