Issues when using native Geocoder on browser "as platform"


I’m having issues when trying to use Geolocation plugin on browser “as platform”. The exact message is this… “Error: exec proxy not found for :: NativeGeocoder :: reverseGeocode missing command error”. It’s working fine on a real device but I need to deploy my app as a PWA.
Any suggestion will be welcome…


The geolocation plugin does not list “browser” as a supported platform, so I think you are out of luck here.


I’m asking because I see this on the Ionic’s Geolocation plugin…

Supported platforms
Amazon Fire OS
Browser ***

I really need this plugin to work on browser… :frowning:


That’s weird, because in the upstream docs all I see is Android/iOS/Windows.


“Browser” is listed on the Ionic documentation itself…


to be more precise, the error I have when I use ReverseGeolocation. As for now I’m not using the Geolocation plugin to get the position, just to translate coordinates into real address…


I mean NativeGeocoder… Sorry… :grimacing::grimacing:


I had to use the Google Maps API Geocoding capabilities… it’s working now…