Issue with @translate3d in _animations.scss


I have imported project from Creator ionic and tried to follow below steps to make the app working on my devices/machines… When I finally run “ionic serve”, I am getting below error:
[12:12:01] sass started …
[12:12:01] sass: D:/MyProj/aaa/src/lib/ionic/scss/_animations.scss, line: 6
no mixin named translate3d Backtrace: src/lib/ionic/scss/_animations.scss:6

L5: .slide-in-up {
L6: @include translate3d(0, 100%, 0);
I am unable to find any related issue… When I checked, there is no “translate3d.scss” file in my lib folder that was imported when I downloaded the project… Can someone pls help me… Its really important that I need to get it moving …


What kind of project did you create in Creator?
What instructions are you following?

Its a sidemenu+tabs project…
Instructions followed are as below:

  1. Move the SCSS-MOVEME directory up one level and rename it to “scss”. This directory should sit side-by-side with the www directory.

  2. Run “npm install” from the working directory of your ionic project (one directory up from www). This will install gulp.js and a few handy tasks, such as gulp-sass and gulp-minify-css.
    ---- I had issues with npm install. It didn’t install any of gulp, gulp-sass or gulp-minify-css… I had to manually install them individually

  3. In the ionic.config.json file, add the JavaScript property

I have the same issue don’t know how to fix it