Issue with long ion-list, navbar is missing when a long list is on Modal

Hello Everyone,
I am using ionic-angular beta-10 and whenever there is long list of ion-items on a Modal … the header seems to be missing …
I inspected the element and I found that .show-navbar class is not added to navbar when there is a long list of ion-items

Here is the link to plunkr explaing the issue I am having.

Why is that happening?

I too had this problem, at least intermittently. My workaround is to call resize on my ion-content by doing:

Get a reference to my ion-content:

export class MyWunderbarModal {
@ViewChild(Content) content: Content;

Then once the page is loaded, have it update the dimensions:

ionViewDidEnter() {

So I don’t know why it’s happening, but hopefully this will at least help you until it’s fixed properly.

yea I too had it intermittantly.
Thanks @SigmundFroyd your workaround solves my problem, at least for now :+1: