Issue with InAppBrowser redirecting back to site after Facebook Login


I am having issues logging into my FitBit account using Facebook login on “” in cordova InAppBrowser both on Android and iOS.

I am opening the url “” inside InAppBrowser like this:

ref =“”, ‘_self’, ‘location=yes’);

and when I click on ‘Login with Facebook’ on the login page of Fitbit, I am redirected to ‘Facebook’ Login page. I enter my credentials there and login. Then I get stuck on a white page there without any redirect back to Fitbit website.

The same is working perfectly in chrome or any other browser but not in InAppBrowser.

Ionic Ver: 1.7.15
Cordova Ver: 6.2.0
InAppBrowser Ver: 1.4.1-dev

Can someone guide me to the right direction with this issue?



Having the same issue. did you find a solution?