Issue updating ion-slide data bound to the $scope

I have an ion-slide-box with 2 ion-slides with each slide bound to some $scope data

<ion-slide-box show-pager="false" auto-play="true" does-continue="true">

If I update slideOne.title on the $scope I see a slide with the new title and also a slide with the old title.

A quick look in developer tools shows there’s actually 4 ion-slides, 2 for each slide, but only one gets bound to the $scope and not its twin also.

I have tried updating the slider Delegate in the controller after updating the $scope data with:


…but still have the same issue.

Am I missing something obvious!?


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Ok - so setting the does-continue=“true” seem to cause the number of slides to double up.

Using the same sample code, I changed show-pager=“true” auto-play=“true” and does-continue=“false” and everything works as expected with 2 dots showing in the pager. But if I set does-continue=“true” there’s an initial delay where 2 dots show in the pager, then it doubles to 4 dots and auto play starts with the slides looping around at the end.

Surely that shouldn’t be happening! Is this some kind of bug!?