Issue of the input box inside ion-content on samsung s4


We have a simple case where we have used input-text element inside ion-content and recently we upgraded the ionic to 1.0.0-beta.11-nightly-421. We are facing strange issues on Samsung S4 (4.4.2) since then.
The first text field from form tag does not allow to enter text.It does not reflect the keyboard input.
If we remove ion-content then it works fine. however we want to use the layout provided by ionic directive.
Did someone observe this issue?


Can someone please help with this? Its a blocker.


The problem occurs when ionic tries to scroll the content…so that the input is above the textbox…In keyboardSetShow function where some computation is done using the keyboard height…and in keyboardShow function actual scrolling of element is done .

When the key is pressed the keyboardOnKeyDown function is called, the ionic.scroll.isScrolling flag is set to true in the above computation, so keyboardPreventDefault function is called which fires e.preventDefault() function which is causing problems…This is the function

function keyboardPreventDefault(e) {
window.console.log('keyboardPreventDefault ’ +;
if( !== ‘TEXTAREA’ ) {

Everything works fine in iphone ,ipad and other old version of android.

When I commented out e.preventDefault(); statement, it started working in android 4.4.2.

Please lets us know, because we are supporting android, and it is a big BLOCKER for us.