Issue in ion-button usage within the ion-select

Hi, I’m trying to add a delete button with the ion-select-option, but isn’t working, Whenever try to click the delete button it shows the select option values.
Anyone help me out to find a solution in this?

<ng-container formArrayName="coordinator">
	<ion-item *ngFor="let coord of coordinator.controls; let i = index" [formGroupName]="i">					 
               <ion-label position="floating">Coordinator {{i+1}}</ion-label>
		<ion-select-option [value]="" *ngFor="let coord of coords">{{}}</ion-select-option>
		<ion-button *ngIf='i>0'(click)='removeCoord(i)' slot = 'end'>x</ion-button>
		<ion-button (click)='addNewCoord()'>Add Coord</ion-button>

Issue fixed by using CSS property
z-index = value.