Issue in Android 11 For samsung device

I have upgraded my application to android 11. Its working fine with all new permission on emulator and samsung skin s20 emulator.
But on real device Sqlite database is not getting created in folder. But on emulator its working fine.
I am facing in issue in samsung real device A12.
Is there any permission that i need to add?
I have added " Allow access to all files" using MANAGE_ALL_FILE PERMISSION in manifest file.

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did tou solved this issue?

Its working on mobile device , but play store is not allowing to upload it on play store

Could you please share your fixes or android 11?

Did you solve ? Can you share your solution?

Ionic still not support the android 11 issue. I have added below 2 permissions for file manager access , creating files and folders and its working fine. But Play store still not accepting my application.

After adding this , we manually neeed to turn opn Allow Management Of all permisssion from permissions menu

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