Issue creating a Capacitor plugin for Ionic App

Please help.

I am trying to build a Capacitor plugin for an Ionic app. I have tried using the official Capacitor site tutorial (Building a Capacitor Plugin | Capacitor Documentation) as well as several other tutorials. I have tried with a fresh Ionic 7 app and an Ionic 6 app. I keep getting errors no matter what I seem to try.

For now I am just trying to build a Capacitor plugin that will open a native screen and display Hello World.
Currently I am trying to build this on an Ionic 6 app. Repo: GitHub - lallen30/ionic-hello
The plugin repo is: GitHub - lallen30/my-native-screen-plugin

When I run npm run build I get this:

One or more browsers which are configured in the project's Browserslist configuration will be ignored as ES5 output is not supported by the Angular CLI.
Ignored browsers: chrome 60
⠋ Generating browser application bundles (phase: setup)...    TypeScript compiler options "target" and "useDefineForClassFields" are set to "ES2022" and "false" respectively by the Angular CLI. To control ECMA version and features use the Browerslist configuration. For more information, see
    NOTE: You can set the "target" to "ES2022" in the project's tsconfig to remove this warning.
✔ Browser application bundle generation complete.

Error: node_modules/@capacitor/core/types/definitions-internal.d.ts:16:18 - error TS2430: Interface 'CapacitorInstance' incorrectly extends interface 'CapacitorGlobal'.
  Types of property 'Plugins' are incompatible.
    Property 'NativeScreen' is missing in type '{ [pluginName: string]: { [prop: string]: any; }; }' but required in type 'PluginRegistry'.

16 export interface CapacitorInstance extends CapacitorGlobal {

    3         NativeScreen: NativeScreenPlugin;
    'NativeScreen' is declared here.

Any Ideas welcome. Thank you.