Issue compiling ionic app with Phonegap Build : black screen


I have just compiled for the first time my Ionic app on Phonegap Build, then I installed the app on my Android device : Samsung Galaxy SII i9100, with Android 4.0.3.
But I get a black screen:

<ion-nav-view></ion-nav-view> is empty.

I put the config.xml file in the www folder.
The app works well in my desktop browser.

Can you help me figure this out ?


Can you open logcat and see if there are any errors?

I just solved this issue for me by removing any reference to $ionicConfigProvider.

I got the same issue. I think you used a wrong solution, which may have been working, but won’t in many other use cases. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you forgot to add cordova.js to your index.html. So, any native plugin you may use won’t work (and ionicConfigProvider uses one).