[isDateEnabled] it's dosen't work very well for me

Hi there…
I want to disable all calendar months and days that are not valid, that are already past and I achieved it by adding the min and max property which helped me to limit my dates only to the range I am interested in, also use the [isDateEnable ] property to enable only the valid days of the month, but for some reason it disables me today, which is a current day.

Note: the isPast function is of date.fns library

enable_days = (dateIsoString:string) => {
  const isPastDay = isPast(new Date(dateIsoString));// it returns me a true value if the day is not valid
  return !isPastDay; // I tell him to enable me only those that came out false

// another way i tried
enable_days = (dateIsoString:string) => {
  const day = new Date(dateIsoString);
  const today = new Date();
  if ( day >= today ) {
    return true;
  return false;

I don’t know why ionic takes today’s date as an invalid date, please can someone know why.


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