Is two params possible for $stateProvider and $stateParams

See the code below. At line 4, I set a url (/:year/:month) with two params.
I tested it. In the page, the link is OK (e.g. /2014/5).
But if clicked, it goes to the default url instead.
I just wonder if this is possible. Otherwise I guess I have to use some service.

angular.module('app', ['test']).config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {
    .state('test', {
        url: "/:year/:month",
        templateUrl: "test.html",
        controller: 'Test'
angular.module('test', []).controller('Test', function($scope, $stateParams){
	$scope.month = $stateParams.month;
	$scope.year = $stateParams.year;

I found it is my mistake in my router provider.
Now it works.