Is there RTL support for Ionic?

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I would like to know if there’s an RTL mode to Ionic or is there one being planned?

an example for RTL project is:



Since we’re dealing with a webview (cordova) there should be support for RTL


Ok, cool but will there be a like… top level variable that allows it for the entire app or does one have to go through every element and change it manually?

Well you could use angular-translate

Or using css, you could specify the direction.

  direction: rtl;
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hello,im middle eastren man ,i’m using whole day bidirectional text,include right-to-left language,there are many people in the my country,that are using right-to-left language ,so i want adopt ionic for right-to-left language,but there are some ptifall ,i really hope to release right-to-left support ionic for middle eastreen people!thanks we really need for that!

am not sure there is any need for this, since at the end you can convert everything by setup the sass in your project, of you can just overwrite the elements which you want, I have built a project , and my project is in arabic so for sure am using RTL, and I didnt find any issue using the original css which provided by ionic team, all I did was just overwrite the direction for the elements I used, plus the text alignment in some cases.

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i think we need for ,yesterday i’m created tab apps with ionic framework,whole user interface was left-to right,i wan to right-to-left ,then i did so with css direction properyt,bu whole user interface upside down,i lot exploring many mobile app framework included frmaewrok7 i think that is nice framework ,because that provided us both right-to-right css file and left-to-right ,i’m very lucky for that,but when i’m playing with ionic ,unfourtunately there are no right-to-left support.can you tell me what are you made project with ionic?have you picture that or preview address? also there are many people that want to own project with ionic ,but ionic default will not support rtl user interface therefor people that are are using rtl language they can’t made for own project with ionic,so we must support for rtl user interface

that result after changed to rtl

also i want decide leave my website thats made form rtl layout

I looked a bit into making multilingual app with ionic, and implementing rtl and dynamic switching of layout based on language has proven to be really painful. I would have to extand/rewrite some directives, for example, if i want to have two different types of menu on both sides, and they need to be swapped when layout direction am looking into other framework atm, because implementing rtl in ionic is too much work.