Is there any way to open external app from inappbroswer?


with Ionic 5 with Capacitor (Android, IOS, PWA) open a website with inappbroswer, and the website contains whatsapp and payment checkout links.

is there any way to open external whatsapp and payment app from inappbroswer when user click the links in inappbroswer?

really need to find a solution for this.

I am using the way to open a message in whatsapp

Check out google for the url scheme

Or any of this working?

It doesn’t work inside inappbroswer.

Can inappbroswer event listener detect the whatsapp link, then open it with system browser, which will open the whatsapp app?

I have no experience with that

Maybe try?

For any future reader:

  const whapURL = `whatsapp://send?phone=+31333334604&text=Hi, I contacted you Through your website`;

Works nicest for me - in a PWA that is. Mostly because the back option brings yo back to the PWA directly, whereas the option brings me back to a blank page I need to close

Does it work in non pwa app?

Haven’t tested this in iOS nor Android. Easy to try.