Is there any way to build only a specific page in Ionic?

I have a project that has plenty of pages which some components require login authentication from the server to navigate within the application. I wanted to access a specific page to test native plugins that doesn’t work on live debugging. I can save time rebuilding the project that way bypassing login authentication and navigating for that page manually. I wonder if this is possible for the sake of testing the module I’ve been working on with native plugins that works only on an APK build.

For now, I use ionic cordova run android to build my apk for my physical device running on Android 8.1.0. I hope someone could give me a good information about this. Thank you!

In app component ts
you can specific your page that want to test as (root page)
like this

       console.log("*************************** app-component *********************************")
      this.rootPage =your Page Name ;

And in app.template.html
add this

<ion-nav [root]="rootPage" swipeBackEnabled="false"></ion-nav>
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